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Award-winning Hosting comes to England!

Award-winning Hosting comes to England!

Yes! The new-look, new-style, new concept hosting format is now available in the UK!

The revolutionary new system of cheap hosting which we flog has teamed up with Insecure Hosts to provide bargain basement hosting in Great Britain. Don't put up with high-end, high-cost systems which do too much for you! You know you wants it! Lovely cheap hosting to provide a better gigabyte-to-dollar ratio rivalling that of small South American countries that sell drugs!

Check our products in the menu at the top and see how we compare to other companies. Full online ordering system which will automatically take your credit card details, and then through an incredible feat of engineering involving Lego Mindstorms and sticky-back plastic writes a note on some Post-Its for the resident tech-guy to do something about it. The whole process should be completed sometime before the heatdeath of the Universe. Terms and Conditions apply.

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