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Even muppets need a domain name!

Without a domain name, you can't buy any other web-based services. Well you could, but after you phone up and complain that the e-mail hosting you just bought for isn't working we'll laugh at you and then spend your money while rubbing ourselves with Lard.

Some people use stupid analogies like your telephone number or house address. But that is pretty moronic... You're house address is assigned based on the physical location of your dwelling and your phone number is numeric and assigned by your phone company. Your domain name on the other hand is entirely chosen by you, and can consist of almost any letter, number or character you want to use! And as a special service offered by us, we can enable the use of hyphens! Just phone and ask for details.

You do have to choose an "extension" however. These are mostly country oriented, but here are some of the most common:

  • com - Chav Only Membership, proof of Chavness required for this extension
  • org - This is for international orgies, although sometimes used for organ-harvesters as well
  • net - North-East Territories, a Canadian extension sometimes used by fishermen
  • - The primary UK domain name, the 'co' means co-op, so it's cheap
  • - Another popular freely available UK extension, mostly used by people arranging orgies
  • - Ideal for induhviduals with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • - Limited edition domain names! Only available for a short period, buy now!
  • - Pushy Little Charlie UK - Got an England flag on your car? You want this!
  • info - Think you know more than everyone else? Share your 'info' with the world!
  • biz - For all the Cockney geezers out there, get your .biz domain name
  • nam.e - Reserved for Vietnam.e-veterans, you'll need to prove your hideous crimes before applying
  • tv - Originally destined for use by TV stations, this extension was recently hijacked by a crack team of tranvestites.

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