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Insecure Hosts - E-mail isn't just for spam!

Like junk mail? You'll love e-mail!

POP3 email

POP3 email gives each of your users an individual mailbox. They can even choose a username and password, so long as they are the same. To make sure your users don't keep hassling you about forgetting their details, we force all passwords to be less than 4 letters long. This may not sound like much, but it's still 168 times more secure than your bank pin code!

Do you use Outlook? Well if you don't you'd better start! Here at Insecure Hosts, we only support Exchange e-mail. We just can't get enough of those GUIs, and we don't hire decent enough staff to run a proper mail server!

Every POP3 mailbox comes with 1MB storage space, and a fluffy puppy! What's more, you can send attachments up to a massive 2MB!

Web mail

New for 2004: Get your fill of spam from anywhere in the world with the all new Insecure WebMail! All you need is a web browser and internet connection!

You can read your spam, order viagra and porn, just as you would at work or with one of those dire free webmail services like Hotmail, but from Internet cafes the world over. Not only that, but we allow you to send e-mail posing as any other person - practical jokes and fraud abound!

Email virus scanning

Has your machine been owned lately? I'll bet it has. Around 99% of our customers have experienced at least one virus on their system. As such a large number of you have had this happen, we figure you probably like it. Introducing Insecure Virus Scanning.

Insecure's fast potshot virus-scanner checks all your incoming e-mail for virii before they reach your computer. If a given message doesn't contain a virus, we insert one of a large collection that we have to make sure you don't miss out on the latest Chronic Computer Fatigue that the newspapers are talking about.

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