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Hacked Host:

400MB web space
50 POP3 accounts, with a guaranteed 25% of them working at any one time!
ASP.NET 2.0 functionality, for superior scripting issues. Thought the ASP error messages were bad? You haven't seen anything yet!
Microsoft Access Database - Who needs concurrent database access??? And if you knew what a relational database was, you wouldn't be here!
SSL certificate... Well actually it's self-signed so it doesn't cost anything. And it's 40 bit... But it uses top of the range ROT13 encryption!
Pre-hacked; Yes, pre-hacked! In an industry first, we now offer pre-hacked servers to save you time having to write your own website. Now you can sit back and enjoy luxury enjoyed by other hacked websites of having somebody else write your website for free! Choose from a range including:

* Ownz0r3d By the L33t p0553

* This hack courtesy of the Chaos Club

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