Insecure Hosts.... You knows it

Insecure Love - For when you are as insecure as your computer

Love; an idea. A hope. And for you, a futile dream. Until now.

Advanced partner selection from a huge database!

New! Stalk-o-matic Service! Track down the love of your life!

Online speed dating service using MSN1!

Finding your perfect partner is very hard, so we've stepped in to make it easier. Whether you're looking for a life long soulmate to enrich your life, or just a quickie down some dark alley, we have just the thing for you.

Some of the great features of our service include:

  • Automatic membership renewal so you don't need to remember!
  • We have an in-depth customer database sourced from our hosting business, all of which must be single if they use us
  • All our customers have low standards, making it simple to match you up
  • New speed-dating service for people who like to replace quality with quantity
  • Our members are so insecure and worthless they'll never leave you!
  • Online video service to show how ugly you are, or for our Gold Members we can provide an actor
  • We supply a list of talking points for you, like our great service and pricing
  • If all else fails, we'll forward you to our Russian brides partner site
We reserve the right to use your profile in any way we feel, including but not reserved to:
  • Mocking you
  • Selling your amusing profiles to other companies
  • Mailing pictures of you to our mates
  • Keeping any decent naughty pics
1: What else? You wouldn't know what Skype was if you signed up here
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